Coffee is a drug

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The Black Kettle Coffee Story

In 2011, Roastmaster Rose and her family relocated from the Rose City to Rosedale, Kansas. After many months of unsuccessfully searching for a supplier of all organic, fair trade, dark-roasted coffee, she started wondering if she could buy green beans and roast them herself.

Roastmaster Rose and her brother, Silas, started roasting coffee on the front porch in March of 2012 using a Black and Decker heat gun and a repurposed backpacking cook pot. The spinning black beans in the old cook pot were the inspiration for our name, but we are proud to share our name with a peaceful Native American who once roamed the midwest prairies.

In 2016, Silas took on the responsibilities of Roastmaster, and currently handles all of the day-to-day operations, while Roastmaster Rose provides technical support.

We continue to artisan-roast our beans to order, allowing us to provide each customer with a perfect-per-person roast.

We strive to be a transparent, ethical local company that you can feel good about doing business with, and our beans are sourced based on that philosophy; all beans are from farmers who were fairly-paid for their hard work and all are grown organically, so you can feel good about waking up to a locally-roasted brew of Black Kettle in your cup.

Our mission is to consistently live up to statement "no farmers were harmed to bring you a perfect cuppa".

We believe that companies have a responsibility to make their community a priority.
We believe you should know your roaster. And your farmer. And your rancher. And your mechanic. And your accountant. And the list goes on...
We believe in being accountable.
We believe in earning trust.
We believe in coffee.
We believe in you.